FORD AA[2142]

Designing for the Model A was started in 1926. The Model AA trucks were basically similar to the Model A cars but with a much plainer interior. The Model AA Truck utilized the same 4 cylinder engine used in the car. This was a 201 cid 3.3 L power plant. The transmission was a manual three speed. Suspension was similar to the car counterpart with leaf springs on the front but the truck version had leaf springs shackled to the rear axle and with no shock absorbers. Four oversized drum brakes were added to the Model AA’s.

The Ford Model AA Truck was offered with a variety of options. For starters, two different wheelbases were offered. These were 131.5 inch and 157 inch lengths. Trucks were built for a large variety of purposes and the Ford Model AA came with several body options. Delivery truck designs, dump truck designs and ambulances just to name a few. The Ford Motor Company even sold a fleet of Model AA trucks to the U.S. Postal Service whose bodies were designed by an outside source.